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Dec. 16th, 2011


The 5th age of Nico.


Something tells me that I will regret trying to post when I'm this tired.   I however do not regret attempting to post.  It's been a long while since I've actually felt the urge to write.   I finally feel like I've just crawled out of a bad 4 and a half year bad dream.

Recently I've had to deal with the overwhelming sinking feeling of being in a funk.   Depressed?   Mayhap, but who the hell really knows.  I've been in funks before. . . but usually a quick trip to best buy and an expensive toy gets me out of it.  My current laptop is a testament to that.  But lately the well paying yob I've been stuck at had been bombarding me with bad vibes to the point where all I wanted to do is crawl into my cave and never come out.   

But that's over.   I got a promotion.  I got a bump in pay.  A smancy new title. my own cubicle, and I'm back in the IT world.   I could not be happier.  Sure I'll be on the phones a bit, but mostly the job will be routing information and or people to the right sources of information and or workgroups.    It's not complicated. . . but it's not a walk in the park. . . I welcome the challenge. 

This does mean that I'll have to take a quarter off of school.  This gives me some mixed feelings.   I don't want to delay my graduation any further than it already will be delayed, but then again. . . I need a break.  I've been doing very well for the amount of effort I've been putting into my Calc classes.  But 9 consecutive math classes has me on a path to burn out. . one quarter missed won't kill me.  

Jul. 30th, 2011



Man I hate it when I come across a picture online that reminds me of a time I'm trying to forget.   Maybe that's why I tend to hold onto a grudge for years.  Every nuance of a memory is just thrust into the forefront and I feel the anger seep back in.

Old flames are hard to quench.

day 74: how would you describe your style of clothing
I try to go for comfort and also try to avoid sticking out too much.  I just tried on an old pair of pants that I got accidentally one size too small for me at the time.  They're now baggy.  Which makes my usual set of clothing gamer but baggy.  Due to my self image wonkey thing going I usually go for REALLY bagging clothing despite the fact that I have relative chicken legs.   Colors have usually ranged in gray tones. . . with mostly black, but these days I'm experementing with colors . . . even stripes.  

day 75: what is one of the best dreams you have ever had

The only one that comes to mind was todays.   Mostly my dreams involve conflict. . . me being chased. . . or me sitting in a mall or driving . . . some usual weird mix, but last night's dream was the most vivid.  It was a thrill to experience something that has never really happend in my waking life.  It left me to wake shaking.

day 76: how do you feel about going green

I try to live it. . . since it's a necessity.  But it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Jul. 27th, 2011


In a good mood today

     This past week has been nuts.  I am sooo glad I decided to not slack off and got my coding done on my programming class out of the way.  I had been usually just happy to let it slide until the night before it was due.  But I got docked for 3 points by doing something stupid last week.   This week.  I wanted to make sure it was mostly done so if I had any issues I could at the very least ask the prof what I was doing wrong.

Even thne, 4 hours of coding over something very very dumb.  :)  Could have been worse.

Things have been jelling really well lately.  I hit up Seatttle's International distfict yesterday.  Seattle is a scary place to drive, but oh my god do I love the urban setting.  Got to check out Tiffany's new place, the U-district where she works. . . had lunch at an awesome Tai place, and then. . . The Cheesecake Factory for Coffee and Desert.  I can't wait for pax next month. 

Even more so, it's looking like Angie and I can swing crashing at Tiff's for the night so I can meet up with the gang on thursday for the Museum and stuff. . so yay!  Time off turns out to not be an issue . . . so . . . BOO YA!

day 71: differences between you and your best friend

This is really hard. . . . but If I have to be honest. . .
I'm dark. . . he's light. . . He's Irish. . . I'm a Mutt. . .  He's impulsive. . . I'm impressionable. . . .He has ambition. . I can make things work.   He drinks. . . I get drunk.  . . He's high strung . . I'm mellow. . . . He's a dreamer . . I'm a tinker. . . . He can dance. . . I know how not to dance. . . . yeah. . . that's all I can think of.

day 72: list of everything you ate today
Chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. . . . some star candy . .  . . that's it.

day 73: a movie you cried in?

I have yet to cry at a movie.

Jul. 23rd, 2011


Oh to give a damn. . .

day 64: your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before, what do you do?

Hop on a plane.

day 65: one random fact about yourself

I can hold a grudge indefinitely.

day 66: if you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be

Neil Gaiman.  :grin:

day 67: how you found out about tumblr, and why you made one

Most everyone I stalk online is on it.  :)

day 68: the best concert you have been to

I'd have to say that 30 seconds to mars would have to be a favorite.  Got dragged to it by a good buddie of mine, I'd never heard of them and on a whim decided to go.  I am sooo glad I did.

day 69: powerful song lyrics you love

Ireland . . . I am coming home
I can see your rolling fields of green
And fences made of stone
I am reaching out won't you take my hand
I'm coming home . . Ireland!


Jul. 17th, 2011


Can't we all just get along?

day 63: your views upon gay marriage?

Personally, this is a non issue for me.  I don't have the self entitled attitude that demands that I have the right to dictate what will make someone else happy. I hold the political view that our government should not have the right to dictate who can or cannot get married.   The fact that we allow the United State to force us into getting a marriage license for tax purposes is actually a tad insulting to me.  Finding love is a royal bitch as it is.  I shouldn't have to jump another hurdle.   As for my personal views on gay marriage. . . . I don't have a right to care one way or another what someone else does. . . and those that do care . . . should really learn to focus on their own lives.

Jul. 16th, 2011


Must. . . fight. . . apathy. . . .

day 60: a youtube video you absolutely love and describe why.


Kiwi in flight.   The impossible just takes a bit longer.  ^_^

day 61: one of your most prized possessions

I've had many prized possessions, but lately it's got to be my laptop.   Couldn't live without it.

day 62: describe your best friend completely

Awesome.  ^_^

Jul. 13th, 2011


Silent Contemplation . . .

day 54: your definition of love

I can really only define love as being comfortable with one person where you don't have to hide who you really are. 

day 55: a passage from a book that has touched you.

Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside them they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe. 
                                                                                                             - The Sandman

day 56: something you did as a child that other people remember you for

It's not hard to forget my childhood. . . . I don't really even see anyone from it. . . .

day 57: what is your definition of happiness

Wanting to wake up . . . and when you're awake. . . you find a single reason to make you smile?

day 58: places you want to visit, and why

I want to visit Europe. . . . Ireland to be exact.   I have a peronal theory that I may have been Irish in another life.  I can see green flowing hills. . . . I swear I can almost remember the smell of the Isle. . . . Part of me wants to see if there is any validity to it.

day 59: one person you can tell everything to

I would like to say that person would be Gallant, but I keep most things buried deep. 



Jul. 7th, 2011


Am I boring?

day 50: why you are doing this challenge.
Boredom . . . . getting back into the habit of writing . . . . mostly boredom though.

day 51: describe your future wedding?
I already had one. . . . not planning another.  ^_^

day 52: if you didn’t have an age, how old would you think you were?
An old friend once told me I had spent 4,114 years on Earth.  I suppose I would be 4,127 now. 

day 53: your day, in great detail

My day. . . .It started with one of those waking dreams.  I don't remember the details, but it had me feeling extraordinarily awkward.  I cracked my eyelids about 2 minutes  before my alarm went off.  Showered. . . shaved. . . brushed teeth. . . very blah.   After dressing I went to the kitchen.   As I passed my wife on the couch I made the usual non-commital mumblings, as I am barely coherant. 
Drank water. . . a lot of it.   Looked for something to scrounge. . . failed. . . So I decided to try and find a cheap copy (read:free torrent) of my textbook.

15 minutes later after failing, I grabbed a pen and dashed off to schoool.  Parking wasn't a chore today like it was yesterday.  I managed to fill out the vehicle information I need for my parking pass and then I dashed to the other side of the campus to wait for the teacher to show up. 

Even though I had to wait in the hall.  Building 34 allowed me to indulge in a favorite past time. . . People watching.   The introvert geeky gaming girl was trying to stay awake in the hall chairs. . . . the old guy  reading a book . . . . the lady that was on the hall phone to her bank trying to keep her cool and failing as she found out what happend to her funds. . . . the skateboard dudes. . . the mean mannish woman that crosses the corridor . . etceteral.  during this time, I'm downing as much caffeine as I can as the teacher doesn't allow me to drink next to his bulk rate dell POS systems.

I used the class time to create an email address with my school . . . actually learned to code a bit in Visual basic. . . .then it was a trek back to the other side of the campus.  I had to go back out to my car since the security office needed my registration to give me a parking pass.  So. . .I was a little tired by the time I got into the car and got back home.  Not to mention starving.  I dropped my backpack. . . kicked off the shoes and got into shorts.   I was actually a bit cold at first before I got used to the temp in my apartment.  Angie by this time had gone to work.  I heated up some hot dogs after throwing out the questionable ham.   I plopped down on the couch with chips. . hotdogs and lemonade.   Proceded to watch the tail end of the pricess bride. . . I found the first chapter of my text book after I ate.  . . I then tried to download visual basic 2010. . but it wanted to burn an ISO image and I was to lazy to find a DVD.  So I gave up. Played wow. . . watched spiderman 2. . . . chatted with Shaun. . . tried to get him to join wow again. . . :)  I was really just teasing him.   lol.   then at 4pm . . I crashed. . . . successfully. . I didn't wake up till 7:20. . . I kept waking up thinking I had over slept.  I got up . .showered. . . then when i was dressing I was told I would be cooking dinner. 

Trader Joes Fried rice and Orange chicken.  One of my favoite meals, but I was a bit cranky waking up.  I still did it.   Nuked the rice. . . even made the pork buns the wife got.  the chicken still took forever in the overn, but meh. . . dinner.   We watched doctor who . . I installed Visual Studio 2010.   it was still installing when I started gettng ready for work.   I procrastinated during that time . . . watching angie play wow. . . wondering who the new person was in the guild. . . also found out that Shaun was suckered into getting back into the game.  ^_^

I got my stuff together. . . headed towards the room to get the nook, but was stopped by the wife asking if she could read it.  I let her. . . I hogged it last week.   So I played with Chaucer a bit before finally walking out the door.   I noticed the moon had gotten a bit thicker, but still was a thin fingernail in the sky.   Got in the car and zoned out . . .

So far. . . my team meeting at work consisted of a conversation about minecraft. . . . I am baby sitting the mainframe. . I did watch a cool bit of craig ferguson with matt smith as a guest. . . . chatted with elinor. . gallant. . . . yeah. . . boring day. . . Sad to think that my day will end with me going back to class and then crashing. . . . oh yeah. . . I'm gonna hit that bed hard. 

Jul. 2nd, 2011


Not to be creepy, but can I just watch?

Day 49: are you a lover or a fighter?

I have toi say. . . . I've been both.   I"ve loved .. . . and I've fought.   Never at the same time.   Mostly these days, I've been kinda aloof and not wanting to participate at all.  So. . .I'm going to inject a third option here. . . I am an observer.   Until there is a time where I feel the increadible urge to actually be one or the other. . . I will be happy to watch.


I am sore. . . day one of new armor making. . . . it was good.   Meybe too thick of leather, but today was good.

day 48: your life story in three words

Sheltered Dumb Luck.

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