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Summer. Land of plenty?

My thoughts are elusive tonight.

I have a clear case of fukitol tonight. Nevertheless, my mind is racing in many directions. Too many projects, and I have no clue what to start on first.

Stuck as I am here night after night doesn't help, but today I got news that in June that will change. I got a day shift.

The unicorn man. . . the unicorn. I haz it.

Dayshifts at the state level are crazy hard to come by. 2 weeks ago I heard that the sergeant was moving on over to a different department. Which left the whole shifting ish that is our HR's interpretation to the state union contract. I'm all for unions when it involves protection from getting bumped and mandatory pay raises, but when it comes to an unruly mess with a simple shift change. . . . it's the pits.

But . . . 10 days of stress and I gots me a dayshift. Go me.

I can now have a social life that doesn't involve me missing work or sleep.

School will be interesting, but I will have to cross that bridge when I have to burn it down.

At least this will give me the time I need to finish projects. I find that I really lack any desire to do anything before work. Doing anything after requires sleep deprivation. Something that I'm more than willing to do, but I have come to a realization: I am not in my early 20's anymore.

It's sucking to get old.

But, once more into the vortex right?

at least right now I'm content to just get caught up on my web comics. My paychecks are an awesome way to pace myself. Sure I just dropped X$ on my 5 stepper motors. . . can I drop a bit more on my printed bed? Do I really need to eat? My cats can go without a bit of kibble right? ;)

Nah . . things aren't that bad. It's really nice not having to live paycheck to paycheck. It will be nicer having evenings off. Moving to a new state. . . easy. . . having the time to actually build a social life from scratch when you're stuck working graves or swings. . . omg so frigging crazy hard.

It's taken me 6 years, but I've just now gotten to the point where I've gotten a steady in person table top game going. I'm running it again, which is really not my preference, but I'm taking the group while I can. I'm soo happy I have it. . . and even more so that the people that are in it don't make my brain ouchy. The IRL games that I've had up here have been a mixed bag of . . . oh. . . you're fun to play with . . to. . . dude. . . your feet stink, and Imma bout to punch you for taking too damned long with your turn.

So between a new D&D group, trying to get my prusa mendel reprap working (I got the frame and stepper motors on the way). . also trying to get my pandaren monk costume ready for the Penny Arcade Expo In late August ready . . . I'm a busy mofo.

But at least I made Angie smile with giving her the news that I will be on dayshift.

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