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Dear Self,

 Crack open a book and get to work on the electrostatic homeowork that's been collecting dust.  Oh. . . you don't have your text book?  You have the PDF.  How about the Integration & differentiation revicew homework that ass hat gave you?  You could work on that?   No. . . don't go to hulu. . . Put the netflix down. . . no. . don't touch that superman novel. . . and FFS. . don't log into Minecraft/WoW/SimCity.
So you're hungry?  Didn't you just down a half a bag of beef jerky?  Nice try bucko. . . :cracks whip:  get back to work.

- Nico.

3rd quarter into the year that i decided to go full time school and work.   Oh boy. . . . it's been great!  (smell the sarcasm).  Honestly been floating close to burn out.  How do I know this?   Well. . . back in 1999, I did hit burn out.  Burn out badly.   Don't get me wrong, a lot of things fell into place pefectly to land me where I am right now.  But I still look back and wonder what would have happend if I stuck with this the first time around.

12 consecutive math classes.   Good god.  I used to brag that I could do Calc 2 in my head.   these days I love it when i get a simple integral problem. 

My engineering physics coursework hasn't been kind to me.  I'm able to get it done, but it's been taking a lot more effort than it used to take to pick something up.  I'm no longer in my early 20's.   Age is a bitch and i'm only 32!  lol.  Still.  I am doing well for myself. 

Still got a great job. . . actually getting paid to update this journal.. . tee hee.  Angie got miffed this year while doing our taxes.  Apparently I make more than she does after 6 years of school.  She's not complaining too much as I take care of most of the household needs while she battles here student loans.  I just find it funny that we'll be done with her loans, just in time for mine.

I should be done with my associates this year.  Then it's the holy mother of hell application process to get into the University of Washington (UW)'s electrical engineering program.   At least once i'm there, it's a swift 2 year process.  but getting there will be a tough sell.  But I have to admit that the Computer Engineering and Systems program at the UW - Tacoma branch is starting to look a lot more attractive.   The requirements are the same as the EE program. . . but Computer Engineering just sounds like it's more aligned with my end goal of robotics. 

Choices . . . Choices. . . bleh.


Day 83: if you had to teach something, what would you teach?

I find myself hitting a brick wall.   I've never really been in a position where I've had to teach.  When I learn I don't follow a set of rules, I'm a tinker.  So even though I know bits and pieces of several different things. . . I don't really have a solid foundation to have the capacity to teach anyone anything.

I guess that's a product of living in my own head a lot of the time.   In my mind I have several comic strips already rendered with the blender models that have been collecting dust.  I have 3 or 4 stories that are fully though out, but not nailed down on paper.  I have a fledgling MMORPG in the works and is currently being fleshed out in my mind. . . But to tell the truth, If I could teach one thing, it would be how to be a blacksmith.   The metal. . . the fire. . .  the sound of hammers is something I have always found amazing.  So there you go. . . blacksmithing. . something i've read at lenght, but have never actually been in a position to actually do.



March 2014

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