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Creativity. . . wth?

So lately I've been getting urges to get back into the SCA.   Which is odd.   I've not really thought of activly playing in a very long time.   My armor was lost to mold. . . . I've not picked up a sword in ages.  

I'm sure it's partially due to the fact that I'm missing my third estrella in a row.   That is far too long.   Usually I miss one year, but rarely two. Never have I gone three.  This year the lack in going was a mixture of not having anything prepared. . . not wanting to deal with the logistics of flying out and then having to find out way to war.   Mostly also the main reason. . . not really having anyone to camp with.   The more I thought about it. . .the more willing to cave in to the popular consensus to do something else.

Comic Con.   Phoneix. . . . soooo there.   YAY.

In the mean time, I think I will actually see about getting my armor cut out and assembled.    I'm finding that cutting out 13 oz leather is a pain in the ass.   Gonna try and whip out the dremel tool and see if I can slice it up that way.  I tried the razor blade approach and I did about 30 plates before my hand gave out.   Go POWER TOOLS!

day 80: one of your favorite childhood memories
Up until recently, my favorite memory was of my step-father giving me my first computer.   That birthday gift based my entire career goals and current skill set.   I thought he was making a kid's dream come true.   It made my friggen day.   Best birthday ever!   It was recently that he told me that the only reason he got the puter was so that he could have a way to control me and take it back for punitive reasons.   It was a control collar.   That kind of left a bitter taste.


So I guess you scrapped the plan to come out to Potrero??

March 2014

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